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The name of this association shall be:



The purpose of this association is to provide, through professional organization and cooperation, for continuous search for and promotion of ideas and practices which are most effective in the education of teachers.  This association is to serve as the voice for the higher education component of teacher education in the state of Tennessee, representing those who seek quality in teacher education and providing a vehicle for all teacher education institutions in the state to work together for the improvement of teacher education.  This association shall advocate K-12 education and shall seek the enhancement of the quality of education in all areas.  Consonant with this purpose, the major objective of this association are the same as the objectives of the American Association of College for Teacher Education as they apply in and for the state of Tennessee:

  1. To provide means for continuous exchange of information, experiences and judgments concerning all aspects of teacher education;
  2. To stimulate and facilitate research, experimentation, and evaluation of teacher education and related problems of learning and teaching;
  3. To serve as a clearinghouse for appropriate information and reports and to publicize findings of studies that have significance for teacher education;
  4. To cooperate and collaborate with professional and related organizations and agencies in activities designed to improve teacher education;
  5. To maintain effective communications and liaison between the national AACTE and the state unit;
  6. To provide a vehicle for teacher education institutions within Tennessee to develop and define positions on issues of importance to teacher education;
  7. To influence and recommend policies, programs, and activities which impact teacher education;
  8. To positively present and represent teacher education to its various publics in a way that ensures effective communication and conveyance of the appropriate images of teachers and teacher education;
  9. To establish, promote, and adhere to quality standards in teacher education.


The association shall be affiliated with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in accordance with policies established by its national board of directors.

  1. For purposes of obtaining affiliation the state unit membership shall consist of at least 60 percent of the AACTE member institutions in Tennessee.
  2. Continuance of affiliation shall be contingent upon:
  3. Maintaining a membership of at least 60 percent of the AACTE member institutions in the state of Tennessee.
  4. Assurance that the voting rights of comprehensive members comprise at least 51 percent or the total voting rights for the Tennessee state unit.
  5. Submission to the national board of directors of an Annual State Activity Report to include a review of program and fiscal activities and a certification of membership with the Tennessee association.
  6. Allowing for biennial review by the AACTE Board of Directors.
  7. Adoption and maintenance of a constitution and bylaws in compliance with the provisions of the model constitution recognized by AACTE.


  1. Membership categories
  2. Comprehensive Membership. All regionally accredited colleges and universities in Tennessee which are AACTE member institutions are eligible for comprehensive membership.  Functions of membership shall be exercised by institutional representatives appointed in accordance with provisions in the bylaws.
  3. State Membership. All other colleges and universities which are non-AACTE member institutions in Tennessee are eligible for state membership.  Functions of membership shall be exercised by institutional representatives appointed in accordance with provisions in the bylaws.
  4. Affiliate Membership. Affiliate membership is available to not-for-profit two-year domestic degree-granting institutions of higher education.
  5. Membership Obligations and Commitments
  6. Commitment to Standards

TACTE member institutions will agree to operate and function, in their teacher education programs, within a set of stated guidelines and academic and professional standards. The standards expressed by CAEP may be part of this standard set.  These standards will merit, and should promote, professional and personal respect for members individually, member institutions, and the association collectively.

  1. Compliance with Standards

Compliance with TACTE adopted standards are monitored by the Association and violations are not allowable if a member institution wishes to remain in good standing as a member in the association.


  1. Officers, Eligibility, and Terms of Office

The officers of this association shall be a president, president-elect, past-president, secretary, treasurer, communication and technology specialist, regional representatives, an executive secretary, and an affiliate representative. Persons eligible to serve as president must serve as an institutional representative at the time of election.  All officers shall be elected, to terms as specified in the bylaws, at the annual spring meeting, and shall assume their duties immediately following that spring meeting.  All officers shall be members of the Executive Committee.

A vacancy occurring on the Executive Committee shall be filled by appointment by the remaining members of the Executive Committee. The appointed member will serve until the end of the current biennium at which time an election by the membership will occur.

  1. Election

The president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and all other members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the annual spring meeting according to procedures described in the bylaws.  The president-elect shall succeed to the presidency at the same time.

  1. Duties of Officers

The officers of the association shall perform such duties as shall be prescribed by the bylaws.


There shall be an Executive Committee composed of eleven members:  the president, president-elect, past-president, secretary, treasurer, communication and technology specialist, an affiliate representative, three other institutional representatives, and state department liaison. The executive secretary shall be an ad hoc member of the executive committee. The three institutional representatives shall be elected by the membership of the association to serve staggered terms of three years each.  One member of the Executive Committee shall be a dean, associate dean, or department chair, (chief administrative officer) whose institution holds membership in AACTE.  This member will be charged to share with the president of the association information of the type to which deans have ready and regular access.  At least one member of the Executive Committee will represent the executive at the ACSR meetings and the Senior Leadership Institute (SLI).


The association shall hold two regular meetings annually and such other meetings on such days and at such places as may be determined by the Executive Committee. Liaison relationships should be established with associations and agencies with a significant interest in the preparation of professional school personnel, with particular attention given to the State Department of Education, the State Board of Education, the higher education governance and coordinating bodies, and committees of the governor and the state legislature.


The association is not organized for profit and no part of its funds shall be used for the benefit of any individual member(s) or institution(s).  The fiscal year for this association shall begin on July 1 each year.

The annual dues for this association shall be proportional to institutional representation as prescribed in the bylaws.


The rules of parliamentary procedure contained in Robert’s Rules of Order (latest revision) shall govern the deliberations of this association, subject to such special rules as agreed upon by the membership.


Amendments to this constitution shall be proposed for discussion and approval at a regular meeting of the association.  A copy of each amendment shall be sent by the president to each member institution for approval by mail ballot.  An amendment shall be considered ratified when approved by two-thirds of the membership and approved by the AACTE Board of Directors.



  1. The number of institutional representatives from each member institution shall be calculated in accordance with the following formula:
  2. Three representatives for each institution which graduates from 1 to not more than 75 teacher education students per year;
  3. Four representatives for institutions graduating not less than 76 and not more than 150 teacher education students per year;
  4. Five representatives for institutions graduating not less than 151 and not more than 225 teacher education students per year;
  5. Six representatives for institutions graduating not less than 226 and not more than 300 teacher education students per year;
  6. Seven representatives for institutions graduating more than 300 teacher education students per year;
  7. Each institution holding comprehensive membership will be allowed one additional representative;
  8. One additional institutional representative will also be allowed for each institution which holds CAEP accreditation.
  9. Each affiliate institution will have two representatives.
  10. Each institution will designate one of its representatives as chief institutional representative.
  11. All institutional representatives from member institutions are voting members, and member institutions shall express themselves officially in the affairs of the Association through the vote of institutional representatives.  The representatives appointed should include, if possible, a cross-section of the faculties engaged in the preparation of teachers.


  1. The annual dues of this association shall be as follows:
  2. Institutions with three representatives, $200.00
  3. Institutions with four representatives, $250.00
  4. Institutions with five representatives, $300.00
  5. Institutions with six representatives, $350.00
  6. Institutions with seven representatives, $400.00
  7. Affiliate member institutions, $50.00.
  8. Institutions entitled to additional representatives resultant from CAEP accreditation or AACTE membership will not include these representatives in determining their dues structure.




The president, president-elect and past-president serve two year term.  The secretary, treasurer serve two year terms. The affiliate representative and regional representatives serve three year terms.  The Executive Secretary and Communication and Technology Specialist are appointed positions and serve at the pleasure of the executive committee.


  1. President

The president shall preside at all regular and special association meetings and all meetings of the Executive Committee.  The president shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for, and assume primary responsibility for activities and programs of the association and the general welfare of the association.  The president shall, with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee, appoint members to fill association offices for which vacancies may occur during the president’s term of office.  The president shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.  The president shall represent the association at meetings of the Advisory Council of State Representatives during the annual AACTE meeting and at the AACTE Summer Leadership Institutes.

  1. President-Elect

The president-elect shall preside at all meetings of the association in the absence of the president, and shall perform all other such duties as may be assigned by the president.  The president-elect shall be responsible to the president with the Executive Committee for the planning of the bi-annual meetings of the association and shall assist the president in conducting those meetings.  In the event the presidency is vacated, the president-elect shall assume the office of the president and all the duties of that office.

  1. Past-President

The past-president shall perform such duties as may be assigned by the president and shall chair the Membership and Elections Committee.

  1. Secretary

The secretary shall keep minutes of all regular association meeting and all meetings of the Executive Committee, and shall present such minutes for approval at the next regular meeting of the association.  The secretary will prepare briefs of association business and meetings and submit them to the Communication and Technology Specialist in time for inclusion on the TACTE website.  The secretary shall perform other such duties as he or she may be assigned by the president.

  1. Treasurer

The treasurer shall collect all association dues and have responsibility for all association monies collected and disbursed.  This officer shall be authorized to disburse funds for association obligations included in the annual budget.  All other disbursements of the association funds shall be approved by the Executive Committee.  The treasurer shall keep a written record of all receipts and disbursements of the association, shall report on the financial condition of the association at each regular business meeting, and shall prepare financial records for examination by the Auditing Committee at the time of each spring meeting.

  1. Affiliate and Regional Representatives

Affiliate and regional representatives shall serve on the Executive Committee and other TACTE committees and shall disseminate and obtain information, hold regional meetings on pertinent TACTE issues and serve as a liaison to professional organizations and educators in their regions, as directed by the president.  Regional representatives shall report to the Executive Committee and make reports to the bi-annual conferences as directed by the president.

  1. Executive Secretary

The executive secretary has two primary functions: to provide continuity and leadership for the organization, and to assume responsibility for coordinating, planning, and making logistical arrangements for the bi-annual TACTE conferences and other TACTE-sponsored events. Duties include:

  1. Negotiating contracts for all TACTE events.
  2. Serving as logistics contact to the event venue.
  3. Providing deadlines and forms, if necessary, for submission of necessary information such as reservation and registration procedures and AV requests.
  4. Preparing and transmitting conference registration procedures and deadlines to TACTE members via the listserve.
  5. Working cooperatively with venue personnel to make room arrangements, choose meals, coordinate AV arrangements and supplies, assign sessions to time slots and complete event orders for all conferences.
  6. Meeting with conference hotel personnel in Nashville prior to the conferences in order to confirm arrangements and inspect event facilities.
  7. Negotiating arrangements and commitments for vendors to TACTE functions including stipends payable to TACTE, space and AV needs, shipping information and publicity.
  8. Working with the Executive Committee to prepare the conference agenda.
  9. Coordinating communication between regional representatives and TACTE institutions regarding conference information.
  10. Drafting then assisting in the writing, editing and formatting of the program for the Bi-Annual conferences or other TACTE events.
  11. Making room arrangements for outside speakers at the conference hotel including special (VIP) rooms.
  12. Serving as the liaison between TACTE and the conference hotel during the conferences to monitor event activities, insure satisfaction of participants, resolve problems and coordinate services such as signage, displays or special needs requirements.
  13. Reviewing conference expenditures for accuracy before payment.
  14. Comparing conference expenditures and revenues with the assistance of the TACTE treasurer and issuing reports to the Executive Committee.

The executive secretary will be compensated for his/her duties. The amount of the compensation will be negotiated at the fall conference and be valid for one year. The executive secretary will serve as an ex officio member of the Executive Committee.

  1. Communication and Technology Specialist

The Communication and Technology Specialist shall be responsible for providing an avenue for communication with TACTE members and the broader education audience. This will be done through the TACTE website and other forms of social media. It will be the responsibility of the communication and technology specialist to maintain all avenues of social media, keeping the information presented current and accurate.

The communication and technology specialist will received $600 a year for these duties.


The Executive Committee shall be responsible for establishing and approving the budget for the Association.  The committee shall meet on call of the president to assist in the planning and conduct of the business of the association.  The committee shall be empowered to pass upon routine matters of association business between regular association meetings.  The Executive Committee shall ensure establishment of quality standards and expectations relative to teacher education that merit professional and personal respect for the membership individually and the association collectively, and to which TACTE members are committed., and ensure standards are adequately communicated among members and adhered to in a manner consistent with commitments of the association.


  1. Standing Committees

Chairpersons and members of standing committees shall be appointed by the president with the consent of the Executive Committee.  Chairpersons will serve on the Executive Committee. Each standing committee shall be composed of a minimum of three members.  The president shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Membership and Elections Committee of the association.  Committee responsibilities shall be as follows:

  1. Membership and Elections Committee

Secure recommendations for positions to be filled, verify eligibility or prospective nominees, and present a slate of nominee for the offices of the association to be filled; monitor institutional participation in the association and verify the “active” status of member institutions.  The Membership and Elections Committee shall include the past-president (chair), president, president-elect, secretary and treasurer who shall present their recommendations to the Executive Committee in the winter meeting of the Executive Committee for their approval prior to the vote by the membership during the spring meeting.

  1. Audit Committee

An independent Audit Committee shall be appointed by the president to audit the financial accounts of the association at the close of each annual spring meeting.  This committee shall consist of three institutional representatives who are not currently members of the Executive Committee.  The treasurer shall be available to assist the Audit Committee.

  1. Ad Hoc Committees

Temporary or ad hoc committees may be appointed from time to time for such purposes as determined either by the membership or the Executive Committee.


Bylaws may be adopted or amended by the Executive Committee subject to a majority vote of institutional representatives present and voting at a regular or called meeting of the membership.  The proposed amendment shall be presented to chief institutional representatives at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be considered.

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